End of the Year Prep

By Melissa Chapple
May 28, 2016
Category: Classroom Management

My blog's theme for the next week and a half will be End of the Year cleanup. Join me in my madness to finish the year in a positive note!

As I wrap up my 10th year of teaching, I take a moment to reflect on my organization. Each year I have gotten a bit better at staying organized throughout the school year to make End of the Year cleanup a breeze.

Let's just say... I am not the most organized teacher you have seen. I have a bad habit of putting papers down on any surface I see. The end result? Well.... I tend to have ra... Continue reading

Kahoot It Math Bee!

By Melissa Chapple
May 27, 2016
Category: Math

Today students used a great quiz program called Kahoot It! to participate in a Math Bee.  The 1st grade team is having a grade level math bee. Each teacher needs to select one boy and one girl to participate. Sure, I could have picked the highest score off the statewide end of year math benchmark... but... BORING! Instead, I created a fun, interactive quiz. 

I shared the quiz link with my students. https://kahoot.it/

Continue reading
Tags: kahoot math technology


By Melissa Chapple
May 26, 2016
Category: General
Welcome to the all new misschapple.com! This site is now known as The Learning Ladybug! I look forward to sharing my journey through education with you! Continue reading

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